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Attorneys throughout the country increasingly rely on videotaped depositions to augment the work of court reporters. Well-captured video depositions provide an extra dimension of testimonial evidence: transcribed words alone do not capture the demeanor of the deposed or the nuances of meaning implicit in their responses. Furthermore, as AV support has become more affordable than ever, videotaped depositions provide valuable material for use in either AV settlement brochures or as court-introduced evidence in AV courtroom presentations.

Each videotape displays the date, time of day, as well as ongoing time code (hour:minute:second) for each deposition. Legal Avenue supplies a carefully written log of objections, and times going off & back on record.

Digital technology now offers attorneys remarkable tools for accelerating the work of discovery: video depositions fully-synchronized to court reporters' transcriptions.

Picture this on your computer screen: next to the actual transcription plays the matching video of that deposition. Navigation through the transcripts and simultaneous matching video is as easy as a mouse click. For a nominal fee, Legal Avenue can supply the synchronized testimony and video in a unique Windows-based media player that works on most PC's.

If finding a location for the deposition is a problem, ask about Legal Avenue's video deposition suite. Our quiet and comfortable studio can accommodate conventional depositions (the deposed, 2 counsel, a court reporter, the videographer). A remote waiting room keeps others from hearing confidential testimony while awaiting their turns to testify.

Legal Avenue assures a technically superior recording. We faithfully follow federal and state rules as well as standards set forth by the National Court Reporters Association regarding recording legal video. (Please visit our "About" page regarding NCRA certification.) The recordings are conducted by appropriately-attired, courteous videographers, who ensure neutrality and full compliance with Federal and State rules regarding video recording of depositions. Each deposition is recorded onto two originals: 1 digital, 1 VHS or SVHS. At the completion of the deposition, the VHS original is immediately available for release to the hiring counsel. Other interested parties can order dubs made from the digital original.

Other formats are available upon request for a nominal fee: audiocassettes, audioCD , video CD, DVD video, and other options.


First hour: $200 Each additional hour $100

Travel fee: Travel out of the Louisville, Kentucky/Southern Indiana area: .55/mile

Appearance Fee: $75.00 if videographer arrives to deposition destination and is informed of cancellation or postponement prior to setting up equipment. $200.00 if videographer arrives to deposition destination, sets up equipment and is ready to go on the record before receiving notice of the cancellation or postponement.


2-hour VHS: $50 each

2-hour DVD: $50 each

4-hour DVD: $85 each

Turnaround time for copies is normally 2-3 days. A next day rush is 100% additional.
NOTE: Our policy is to deliver to the hiring attorney first, then fulfill subsequent orders same day.



Rate: $120 per media hour. (E.g., a two-hour, 30-minute deposition = $300)

Turnaround time for Sync'd video CD is 1 week from availability of ascii transcript from court reporter. Inquire for rushes.


To schedule Legal Avenue for an upcoming video depositon, fax or email us your notice with the specific dates, times, and location as well as the case, court and caption information. Please mention the maximum number of participants who require the use of a microphone at any one time. (For example: 5 deposed, 4 counsel max).

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